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Creating new content

 When this symbol is visible, a user with appropriate privileges can create a new page or post (depending on the page displayed at the time).

  • Clicking on this icon while in the “blog” section of the site will create a new blog post. Note that the site blog may go by a different name, such as "Site of the month", or "HER News".
  • Clicking on this icon while on the Home page will, by default, create a new top level page which will be automatically added to the horizontal menu.
  • Clicking on this icon while on any other page will, by default, create a new child page with the current page as its parent.

This behaviour can be overridden by ensuring that the desired parent page, or “slug”, is recorded in the page settings (see below). 

HBSMR WEB CMS page settings

The slug is the reference to the page that comes after the main page url, eg "https://her.highland.gov.uk/thematic-pages". The content creator can choose the desired slug for the new page, otherwise this will be created automatically from the page title.

Finally, a new page can be created simply to create a menu item which redirects to another page on the site, eg a particular theme record, by entering an override url.  These and other options are also explained in the tool-tips which appear when the various fields are hovered over in the page settings.

Modified 20/04/2020 by Crispin Flower