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HBSMR API: Sitemaps

HBSMR WEB & API provide sitemaps for all content pages, blog posts, and publishable HBSMR records, suitable for submission to search engines. 

HBSMR WEB site administrators should submit these to Google and Bing Webmaster Tools to prompt them to index the content. The sitemaps contain only the URLs for records that are visible to unauthenticated users, but the sitemaps do not themselves know whether each module's record detail pages have made visible within your site. So only submit the sitemaps for modules that are published as visible pages.

Because no one sitemap can contain more than 50,000 records (subject to change!) the sitemap mechanism in the HBSMR API is designed to present a Sitemap Index file for each type of record (Monuments, Events etc), which in turn reference child sitemap files containing a configurable number of records.

The addresses of the sitemap (index) files for submission to search engines are (by default):

{site root}/api/sitemap/consultations/index

{site root}/api/sitemap/designations/index

{site root}/api/sitemap/events/index

{site root}/api/sitemap/finds/index

{site root}/api/sitemap/hlc/index

{site root}/api/sitemap/monuments/index

{site root}/api/sitemap/organisations/index

{site root}/api/sitemap/people/index

{site root}/api/sitemap/sources/index

{site root}/api/sitemap/themes/index

{site root}/api/sitemap/thesaurusterms/index


and for published pages and blog posts:

{site root}/api/sitemap