HBSMR Documentation



HBSMR WEB can be built to include a simple Content Management System and blogging capability. These use the open source cloudscribe.SimpleContent module.

These allow a site administrator to create and edit web pages, edit the content of any standard pages such as T&Cs, and to publish blog posts. The blog can be aliased however you like, e.g. "What's new" or "Site of the month" etc. 

Multiple blogs can be configured, by setting up more than one website "tenant", e.g. the main site might be on her.borsetshire.gov.uk with a main blog at her.borsetshire.gov.uk/whats-new and an additional blog could be run at her.borsetshire.gov.uk/archaeology/diary-of-a-county-archaeologist

Any number of website pages can be created, typically organised in a hierarchical structure below one or two top-level entry points. 

Blog posts and website page content is edited using CKEditor, a leading open source WYSIWYG html editor. Editors should also use the "Source" view to help create high quality content suitable for viewing on a range of devices.

If the CMS module is not installed, all website pages will be designed during the implementation phase, and making changes will be undertaken in the development environment (Visual Studio or VS Code) requiring a new deployment to the production web server to put the changes live.