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HBSMR WEB: Commenting

Many HERs have found it useful to allow users to post comments and information on existing records.

There are two main ways we can help achieve this in HBSMR WEB.

One method is to use Disqus, a ubiquitous 3rd-party tool allowing discussion and posting photos and other files. An account is needed to set this up, and it is hugely configurable. In particular it is possible to set different levels of moderation to suit requirements. However, Disqus brings 3rd party tracking cookies, and the information posted is stored elsewhere and only partly under your control (see Disqus terms and conditions).

Another method is to use the cloudscribe TalkAbout Comments system. This keeps all comments in your database and brings no 3rd party cookies. It also allows users to download and/or delete their data, as required by GDPR.