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HBSMR WEB: Cosmetics

The look and feel of an HBSMR WEB site is completely customisable during the implementation phase. The presentation layer uses Bootstrap 4, a framework for responsive design that helps deliver elegant websites that work well on all devices.

We can create a custom theme to follow an existing corporate design, or create something entirely bespoke for the HER.

Customising the site theme is undertaken using SASS, css, and by modifying MVC Razor views. Implementation is undertaken by developers working in Visual Studio or VS Code, not by website administrators.

A website home page provides part of its overall look and feel, so is often heavily "designed" with attractive images and content. This can be created as a "content" page, editable by the website administrator, or it can be a bespoke more complex design that is only editable by developers, or a hybrid of these approaches. The home page can also bring in content from other parts of the site, e.g. recent blog posts, or items from other websites via RSS feeds or similar.