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HBSMR Road Map

This road map is subject to agreement with the User Group on particular developments. We see the priorities as follows (in no particular order):

  1. Continue to develop MapLink for QGIS, to work with current LTR versions, allowing use of HBSMR without commercial 3rd party GIS licences.
  2. Develop MapLink and HBSMR to work with the latest desktop GIS products from ESRI and Precisely MapInfo.
  3. Promote "cloud" provision of HBSMR for HERs and contractors, using a SaaS model where appropriate.
  4. Work with partners to improve HBSMR Gateway web services and other linked open data APIs.
  5. Continue to improve HBSMR WEB & API components to help HERs develop low cost sustainable web sites.
  6. Work with the User Group and FISH to ensure HBSMR is fully compliant with MIDAS Heritage and the Compliance Profile for HERs.
  7. Work with Historic England to update the Thesaurus Module in line with their requirements and recommendations.
  8. Continue improving data exchange mechanisms, focussing on the specific business needs of project partners.
  9. Provide integration with LibraryLink 5 - our next generation digital asset management component.
  10. Progressively extend HBSMR WEB & API components to support editing and business workflows.