HBSMR Documentation



HBSMR WEB & API is a set of modular components that can be easily assembled to provide a web interface to HBSMR. The "API" product provides web services for sharing data, plus the means by which the website accesses the HBSMR database. Note that there's no need for data loading or copying with HBSMR WEB/API - everything works against the "live" HBSMR database, with appropriate filtering to ensure the right information is visible to the right audiences.

These pages provide the information to those considering adoption of HBSMR WEB & API. If you would like more details or to register your interest, please read the "How do I get it?" page then get in touch.

The first release of HBSMR WEB & API (June 2018) was read-only, focusing on making the Historic Environment Record available to a broader audience in more attractive ways than are possible in the desktop HBSMR product. HBSMR WEB helped the Highland Council Historic Environment Record Service win the "Making the Highlands an Even Better Place to Live" award in 2018.

Subsequent developments have introduce some editing workflows (e.g. logging and editing Tasks), and more advanced searching.

It is possible to deploy HBSMR API without HBSMR WEB, though strictly speaking the services will always be deployed within a minimalist website for administration purposes. In this case you would not make the website public.

HBSMR WEB requires HBSMR API, but there is great flexibility regarding which web services are enabled. This means almost all of HBSMR API can be switched off, if desired.

These pages also provide information for administrators to manage an HBSMR WEB & API site. Many features of an HBSMR WEB site can be controlled through the website itself, and/or within the HBSMR desktop system and database. However, note that some aspects of the website and API are configured during the build process, and cannot be changed without access to the web server and/or changing compiled code. 

We have a reference site that shows some of the functionality of HBSMR WEB & API, running on a Linux server here https://hbsmr-web-linux.esdm.co.uk/ and on a Windows IIS server here https://hbsmr-web.esdm.co.uk/