HBSMR WEB/API: Pre-requisites

This page describes the technical prerequisites for running HBSMR WEB & API.

Web server

HBSMR WEB & API can run on Windows or Linux web servers, with the relevant .NET Core runtime package installed. We will advise on specific versions during the implementation phase.

On Windows servers it is recommended to install the site within IIS which acts as a reverse proxy.

On Linux it is possible to use nginx or Apache web server.

A minimum 4GB RAM is recommended on the web server, and significantly more may be beneficial, particular if the server is also running other sites. Network connectivity should be a minimum 100 Mbps, preferably significantly more.

Load-balancing across multiple servers is unlikely to be needed, as HER websites are generally not subject to heavy use. Typical usage figures would range from 50 to 500 users per 24-hour period.


The HBSMR WEB/API site files are very small, but significant volumes of storage may be needed for the images and documents served by the (optional) LibraryLink Web Service, as web-facing versions of documents and images are cached on the web server. 

Database connectivity

HBSMR WEB & API require a fast TCP/IP connection to the HBSMR SQL Server database. This can be over non-standard ports.


Some functionality in HBSMR WEB requires the ability to send emails via an SMTP server or service. This facility is usually provided by the customer, but we can advise on other options.


HBSMR WEB & API should run entirely under https. When running on customers' infrastructure, the provision and installation of a suitable certificate is normally the customer's responsibility, but we can advise on use of "LetsEncrypt" if required. When HBSMR WEB & API are running on Exegesis hosting, we will install certificates supplied by the customer or use LetsEncrypt as required.

Web address

HBSMR WEB & API must be accessible on the web. Often the chosen address is a sub-domain of the customer's main domain, e.g. heritage.borsetshire.gov.uk

Equally it can run under a domain provisioned for the site, e.g. borsetshire-heritage.info

The provision of a suitable address is normally the customer's responsibility, though we can purchase and manage domains on request.


The HBSMR API MapServer option runs as a CGI application, so the CGI role service must be enabled on Windows servers.






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