HBSMR API: MapServer

HBSMR API includes an installation of MapServer.

MapServer can serve HBSMR data as web services, including the widely-used OGC standard services: WMS (Web Map Service) and WFS (Web Feature Service).

MapServer can also relay spatial data from other services, so it might for example be used to publish controlled access to a corporate dataset that is otherwise only internally visible within an organisation.

MapServer services are typically packaged as a ***.map file (which in turn references other configuration). Each map file can be protected (if desired) by checks of the http referrer, an API key, and even authentication using OAuth. As many map files as desired can be configured, each with its own level of access and protection. So there could for example be "her.map" that provides access to spatial data from all HBSMR modules, but is accessible only to requests from borsetshire.gov.uk, and "consultations.map" providing access to Consultations records to holders of an issued API key.


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