HBSMR WEB: Search Predictor

The "Search Predictor" component offers users helpful suggestions when they start typing into a free-text search box. It learns from every successful search, so every time a search finds results it will be added to the list that can be offered to the user. It will not show terms that found no results.

It can be configured so that users can only pick from offered terms, or so that users can type whatever they want regardless of what is suggested.

The display can be configured to show or hide a count, this being the count of records found when the particular search was last run. This may or may not be useful - the more the count will change with a fast-changing dataset, the more likely you are to want to hide the count.

The cache of search terms can be pre-seeded to offer users help from first launch. For HBSMR Monuments this might be seeded with Monument Types (used terms plus their higher term ancestors), Find Types, Admin Areas, Periods, and perhaps other things (seeding can be done with simple SQL statements).  

The Search Predictor has an administrative interface that shows all search terms used, how many times they have been used, and when. Particular search terms can be removed, and can also be blocked from ever appearing again.

HBSMR WEB Search Predictor data

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