HBSMR WEB: Social Integration

HBSMR WEB record detail pages can also include social sharing and commenting if desired. These provide simple ways of engaging more audiences and allowing them to provide feedback and new information to the HER.

Social sharing is readily achieved using AddThis, a widely used 3rd-party platform that is free for this kind of use. An AddThis account is needed (in the name of the site owners, usually the HER Officer). AddThis is hugely configurable in terms of how the sharing tools look, which social platforms are enabled (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) and which pages are sharable. AddThis also has some "analytics" capabilities, which might be useful if you cannot use Google Analytics for any reason. However it does bring a lot of extra JavaScript onto the page, which can slow down loading, and it also brings 3rd party tracking cookies. Inclusion of AddThis is optional.

Social links such "follow us on Twitter" (etc) are easily included in your site "theme" without using AddThis.

See also the information on enabling commenting.

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